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VIN Reports Include:

  • Lemon Check
  • Title Check (Salvage, Junk, Total Loss, Flood Damage, etc)
  • Odometer Problem Check
  • Accident Check
  • Full Registration Check
  • Damage Check (frame damage, flood, fire, hail, etc)
  • Theft Check
  • State Inspection Records
  • Ownership and Theft Check
  • Full Vehicle Use History
  • Loan/Lien Check
  • Airbag Deployment
  • Loan/Lien Check
  • Airbag Deployment
  • Title Washing
  • And more...

Used Car Inspection

Used car inspection by a reliable independent mechanic is you final step on the way to purchasing a used car. Used car inspection will cost something but this investment makes a serious financial sense. You should start searching for a used car inspection service in advance. However, you should always run VIN check before the inspection. If the VIN report reveals problems, search for another car, even if you like this one very much, or negotiate the price if the car still makes sense. Don’t let an infatuation take over common sense.

What Information You Should Request from a Used Car Inspection Service

  • The current condition of all the mechanical and electrical systems in the vehicle and existent problems.
  • Are there signs or major accident and damage? (Water, fire and other type of damage). Compare with the VIN check report you have got.
  • How much does it cost to fix existent problems? (replacement parts + work)
  • Was the car properly maintained by the previous owner? That affects the price and the cost of future maintenance.
  • Does the wear correspond to odometer reading?

What’s the Cost Of Used Car Inspection?

The cost of the pre-sale inspection by a mechanic may be ranging from $100 to $1000 and even more. The cost of used car inspection depends on:

  • the cost of the car (luxury class will be the most expensive)
  • depth on the inspection
  • inclusion of the charge for extra miles for traveling and other charges
  • the qualification of the mechanic (technicians of highest qualification specialize in specific makes and models).

How to Choose Used Car Inspection Services

  • First and most important: make sure this is a truly independent service and not the once associated with the seller
  • Read customer reviews of various body shops in the area
  • Make sure your have the RIGHT car inspected. Ask the inspector to check match the VIN and other details with the VIN report you get.
  • Ask for sample reports
  • Make sure you can contact the expert who is going to inspect the car personally
  • Make sure the reports is going to include plenty of photos. This is critically important if you are purchasing the car without even seeing it and rely only on the inspection.

It makes sense to search and compare pre-sale inspection options and read customer reviews about different body shops well in advance. That can save you $50-$300 and ensure you have the car inspected by a really qualified technician. Technicians of highest qualification specialize in specific makes and models. Without the vehicle history report pre-sale car inspection may turn into a waste of money. You don’t want to discover a branded title or a theft after the costly used car inspection.

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