Wheel of the Future Scholarship

Many inventions have changed our view of the world since the beginning of mankind, but when the first wheel was invented and also the first car, it completely transformed the way of living and pushed the whole humanity forward. Today we have enormous technology impact in this field, such as electric cars with different powers and speeds. Since we think the importance of transportation is huge in today’s world, according to our business, we have established an annual scholarship in order to support young people. For the year 2022 applications are now open and we are expecting them in great number.

Who is eligible?

Every young person enrolled in a school or university is eligible to apply for the VINNumbercheck scholarship. You are required to submit a proof of enrollment together with a short biography, which must include your personal and contact data, and some listed experiences, activities or any life goals.

What is the essay about?

This year’s essay is about the history and invention of the car as we know it today. It’s fact-oriented and the topic is "The history of the automobile – from the very beginning to the electric era". We want you to focus on some very important facts from then to now and to make your own conclusion at the end based on what some current forecasts are. The essay must be formatted in the following way:

  • Font Times New Roman, size 12
  • Word or PDF document

Please include the scholarship name and your name in the subject line when you submit the essay to scholarship@vinnumbercheck.net. Submission of all essays ends on November 5th, 2022 at midnight. On November 10th we are going to announce the winner and very soon mail the check with the prize in the amount of 1000$. The submission is free of charge and highly protected in our system, because of the personal data provided. We keep the right to publish all essays on our website. Make sure you send us your essay on time. We are expecting all your applications!


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