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VIN Reports Include:

  • Lemon Check
  • Title Check (Salvage, Junk, Total Loss, Flood Damage, etc)
  • Odometer Problem Check
  • Accident Check
  • Full Registration Check
  • Damage Check (frame damage, flood, fire, hail, etc)
  • Theft Check
  • State Inspection Records
  • Ownership and Theft Check
  • Full Vehicle Use History
  • Loan/Lien Check
  • Airbag Deployment
  • Loan/Lien Check
  • Airbag Deployment
  • Title Washing
  • And more...

Do you Mix VIN Decoding And VIN Number Check?

From a bunch of car-related conversations with my neighbours I learned that VIN Number check and VIN decoding appear to be the same things as they understand it, but it is far from being true. I was pretty much astonished by the manner some web-resources elucidate the essence of these procedures. I guess the purpose of creating such a mess was to sell VIN Number check as VIN decoding.

VIN decoding costs nothing for anyone, but you’ll have to pay for VIN Number check which in most cases stands for the Vehicle History Report. VIN consists of letters and digits and learning what they stand for means VIN decoding. This is the basic information about your car that was encrypted when the car was manufactured, a car’s VIN is always the same, you can tell a certain car from all other cars by the VIN. VIN numbers are standardized, if you know how to read the VIN you can know tells the country in was produced in, make, model , the manufacturer, the year of manufacturing; assembly plant; serial number. And all the events from the car’s life associated with the VIN can the revealed by ordering VIN number check. And the list of undesired incidents includes but not limited to: fraud, Alas, such bad incidents as flood or fire damage, stealing or odometer rollback often take place to VIN number check is a way to learn about them. Any person who is planning to buy a second-hand vehicle should make his best efforts to learn as much as he or she can about the past of that car for it will be too late when you are not able to shift the speed while driving, or the car comes into two halves at high speed or alternatively, it may turm out that the previous owner of the car was killled and the vehicle was pushed to you… And these are not all of the unpleasant surprises used cars may hide. You can avoid such a disastrous purchase if you check the history of the car by its VIN code. I also must note that it is extremely important to see the VIN with you own eyes on a vehicle, and not just check the number the dealer provides you by phone. Never be uncomfortable to ask the dealer to show you the VIN, not just you pocket but your security depends on this! In fact, you can find out how many events from the car’s history are attached to the car absolutely for free. If they say “Yes, we have a number of records” - buy a vehicle history report, preferably unlimited if you have many cars to check. “No records found” message means that your car may be worth the bucks the seller asks for it, but don’t forget to make a mecahnic examine it for any hidden technical problems. I hope that helped you to see the difference between VIN decoding and vin number check.

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