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Frame Number Check

Frame number check is in most cases the same as VIN number check, for the vehicle identification number located on the frame is the primary number used to identify the vehicle - a car, a motorcycle, a truck, RV, a trailer or even a bike. However, frame number check mostly refers to motorcycles, motorbikes and bicycles. For cars and trucks, it makes sense to make sure the frame number coincides with the engine number and the frame or unibody was not damaged. Any discrepancies should rise concerns and questions about the vehicle being repaired after an accident and legal origin of the. Read more about VIN locations for cars, trucks, motorcycles or even boats and why check frame number. Below, you can read about motorcycles and bicycle frame number locations.

Motorcycle frame number check

To check frame number on a motorcycle check is of critical importance. It is necessary to make sure the fame number matches the engine number. This means that both the frame and the engine belong to the same motorcycle. Motorcycles reassembled from stolen parts are frequent guests in the used vehicle market - they are easiler to reassemle, transprot and hide. Such motorcycles have different numbers on the frame and the engine. However, that can be normal for classic models or for scooters. Driving reassembled motorcycles is illegal unless the engine was legally replaced and this information appears in the documents.

Kawasaki frame number

Kawasaki frame numbers are usually found on the front steering frame just above the front forks.

Motorcycle frame numbers location

On many motorcycles (Suzuki, Honda, Harley, Yamaha) frame numbers are stamped on the "neck" of the frame or under the seat. On Suzuki Vinson ATV the frame number should be seen if you look into the space between the left rear tire and the fender.

Bike frame number check

Most bike makes have the frame number located on front fork steerer tube. On occasional bicycles makes, frame numbers are found in different locations. For example, Raleigh frame numbers are typically found on On saddle pin lugs.

Vespa Scooter frame numbers

Vespa Large Frame ( 70's onward) frame number is stamped to the right of the hole for the cowl pin, starts with a prefix VSX1T. You'll have to remove the engine side cowl to see it. Vespa Small Frame frame number is stamped on the upper lip where the catch engages, starts with a prefix V9A1T You'll have to remove the engine side door to see it. Vespa Large Frame - 60's - 70's frame number is stamped on the frame above the rear wheel, at the underside of the side cowl where it hits the body, starts with a prefix VBA1T. Vespa "Wide Mount" Frame number is found on upper lip of the opening just below the choke and fuel levers, starts with a prefix VS51T. You'll have to open a small door in the frame below the seat to see it.

Velocette frame numbers

Velocette make engines and frames separately and then and eventually built them into a machine. There is no connection between Velocette engine and frame numbers. Velocette frame numbers can often be found at the rear end of the top tube, masked by the offside bottom back corner of the petrol tank.

Accidents Theft Water damage Fire damage Hail damage Salvage & Total Loss Recalls Abandonment / Misappropriation Lien Auctioned Branded Titles ...and other hidden problems & info

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