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What Is VIN Check and How Does It Protect You?

VIN Check (also known as VIN number search or VIN lookup) should be your first step towards buying a used car if you want to buy safely. You run VIN check in order to obtain the Vehicle History Report (or Car History Report) on a certain VIN number. This way you can find out what happened to the car in the past and avoid numerous hidden problems, even if the car looks fine. VIN Check VIN check searches a database of millions used cars with over billion car events reported on different VIN numbers. Very often, there is really much to learn from VIN check and, unfortunately, some discoveries are very unpleasant.

What Sort of Information Does VIN Check Reveal?

The information revealed by VIN Check is commonly classified into the following major categories (different vehicle history report providers may categorize VIN data a bit differently):

  • Damage problems
  • Title problems
  • Accidents
  • Vehilce use
  • Odometer problems
  • Vehicle registration records
  • Manufacturer recall or Manufacturer buyback (lemon)
  • Theft records
  • Loan records
  • Airbag deployment

If you unknowingly buy a car with hidden problems, at the best you overpay, at the worst you compromise your and your family’s safety.

Major VIN Check Records

  • Damage. Water, fire, hail, frame or other major damage may result in assigning a Salvage Title to the vehicle. This means that the damage exceeded 50-75% of the car’s cost and was claimed ** total loss** by the insurance company.
  • Title problems. A used car may have the following problem titles: major damage, water damage, hail damage, odometer problem, insurance loss, rebuilt and other.
  • Vehicle use: taxi, police, rental, driver education and other use.
  • Odometer problems: odometer correction, exceeded limits, broken odometer. Last odometer reading and intermediate odometer reading reports are included.
  • Vehicle registration records: stated the vehicle was registered at and the titles assigned, including registration in storm areas.
  • Accidents. Minor or major accidents and damage type, rebuilt or unrebuildable title (if salvage title is given)
  • Manufacturer recall or Manufacturer buyback. A major irreparable defect in a vehicle that made the manufacturer recall it or made the car qualify for a refund.
  • Theft records. A used car you are buying can be a stolen car, with all the consequences…
  • Loan records. A car could be pawned. You’ll want to make sure the loan was fully paid off.
  • Airbag deployment could occur during an accident. Possible result is the Airbag Fraud, which means that the airbag may be non-functional.

VIN Check Here we outlined the most common information you can discover with the help of VIN check. You can find more information about these problems is in Hidden Car Problems section.

Run VIN check and not the risk of buying a metal box of hidden problems!

Run VIN Check - know the truth BEFORE it's TOO LATE!

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