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VIN Checks and State DMV Sites

On this page you can find the links to you local DMV sites, the names of the bodies and all the necessary information regarding the registration of a used or a new vehicle, obtaining the title, registration of a salvage vehicle, driver record enquires, guides for VIN inspection and verification, VIN verification forms and other forms you may need. Not all of local DMV offices offer VIN check on their sites and sometimes the vehicle history reports are limited to title or theft information or you have to file separate application for to check each, or VIN check data includes only the current title and registration status and has noting to do with the history of car, motorcycle, travel trailer or a truck. VIN check at the local DMV office may be limited just to VIN inspection and verification before issuing a title. On some sites you can also track the status of your application for the registration and the title. If you need a vehicle history report, I would strongly recommend to do VIN number check at specialized sites that collects vehicle history information from thousands of sources, not just the police or insurance companies.

DMV.org is not a governmental DMV site and has nothing to do with your local DMV offices - this is a privately owned websites (as you will be warned before you enter).

  • Alabama: AL - ador.state.al.us
  • Alaska: AK - doa.alaska.gov
  • Arizona: AZ - www.azdot.gov/mvd
  • Arkansas: AR - dfa.arkansas.gov
  • California: CA- dmv.ca.gov. There you will see instructions how to inspect and verify VIN number and other parts before you register the vehicle. Check this page for various record requests: www.dmv.ca.gov/forms/forms.htm. However, none of them offer full vehicle history checks More about the California DMV VIN check.
  • Colorado: CO - www.colorado.gov/revenue/dmv. A standard VIN search report at CO DMV returns lien history records.
  • Connecticut: CT - www.ct.gov/dmv
  • Delaware: DE - www.dmv.de.gov
  • Florida: FL: - Florida DMV VIN check can be done at flhsmv.gov, title history reports costs $15 and 3$ for any additional certified copy.
  • Georgia: GA - www.dds.ga.gov (Department of Driver Services)
  • Hawaii: HI - hawaii.gov/dot (Hawaii Department of Transportation)
  • Idaho: ID - itd.idaho.gov/dmv (Idaho Transportation Department)
  • Illinois: IL - www.dot.il.gov. (Illinois Department of Transportation). For title and registration status inquiry use this link: www.ilsos.gov/regstatus/
  • Indiana: IN - www.in.gov/bmv/ (Bureau or Motor Vehicles - BMV)
  • Iowa: IA - www.iowadot.gov (Motor Vehicle Division)
  • Kansas: KS - www.kansas.gov/community/driving/ (Driving Department), www.ksrevenue.org/dmvtrcontact.html (Titles and Registration). For Motor Vehicle Record Search check this link: www.accesskansas.org/ssrv-mvr-ltd/. Please not that you will be charged a fee for the Record Search even if does not return any records.
  • Kentucky: KY - transportation.ky.gov (Kentucky Transportation Cabinet - KYTC)
  • Louisiana: LA - dpsweb.dps.louisiana.gov, www.expresslane.org (Louisiana Office of Motor Vehicles), application forms are found here: dpsweb.dps.louisiana.gov/DPSForms.nsf
  • Maine: ME - www.maine.gov/sos/bmv (Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles - BMV)
  • Maryland: MD - www.mva.maryland.gov (Motor Vehicle Administration - MVA)
  • Massachusetts: MA - www.massdot.state.ma.us/ (Massachusetts Department of Transportation)
  • Michigan: MI - www.michigan.gov/sos/0,4670,7-127-1585—,00.html
  • Minnesota: MN - www.mndot.gov (Minnesota Department of Transportation)
  • Mississippi: MS - www.dps.state.ms.us , www.ms.gov/hp/drivers/license/Main.do (Mississippi Department of Public Safety)
  • Missouri: MO - dor.mo.gov/motorv
  • Montana: MT - doj.mt.gov/driving (Motor Vehicle Division)
  • Nebraska: NE - dmv.ne.gov
  • Nevada: NV -dmv.nv.gov
  • New Hampshire: NH - www.nh.gov/safety/divisions/dmv (Division of Motor Vehicles)
  • New Jersey: NJ - www.nj.gov/mvc (Motor Vehicle Commission)
  • New Mexico: NM - www.mvd.newmexico.gov (Motor Vehicle Division)
  • New York: NY - www.dmv.ny.gov
  • North Carolina: NC - www.ncdot.gov/dmv (Division of Motor Vehicles)
  • North Dakota: ND - www.dot.nd.gov (Department of Transportation)
  • Ohio: OH - bmv.ohio.gov (Bureau of Motor Vehicles)
  • Oklahoma: OK - www.ok.gov/omvc (Oklahoma Motor Vehicle Commission)
  • Oregon: OR - www.oregon.gov/ODOT/DMV
  • Pennsylvania: PA - www.dmv.state.pa.us
  • Rhode Island: RI - www.dmv.ri.gov (RI Division of Motor Vehicles.) The site does not provide VIN number check but encourages to the checks at the local police offices or contact the Title division at (401) 462-5774. Available services, such as Registration Renewal, IRP Permits, Oversize/Overweight Trucking Permits, SI-1 Auto Lien Holder Registration, Title Inquiry, Vanity Plate Reservations, Veteran Plate Online Remake, Drivers License Information, Insurance Adjusters - Online Services and Information, Motor Vehicle Documents & Forms, Motor Vehicle Records / Licensed Driver Records, Online Vehicle Registration Renewal, Vehicle Registrations and Titlesare found here www.ri.gov/services/?tags=dmv
  • South Carolina: SC - www.sceis.sc.gov/location.aspx?id=31
  • South Dakota: SD - dps.sd.gov/licensing/driver_licensing/default.aspx
  • Tennessee: TN - www.tdot.state.tn.us (Tennessee Department of Transportation)
  • Texas: TX - www.txdmv.gov
  • Utah: UT - dmv.utah.gov
  • Vermont: VT - dmv.vermont.gov
  • Virginia: VA - dmv.state.va.us
  • Washington: WA - www.dol.wa.gov (Department of Licensing)
  • West Virginia: WV - dmv.wv.gov (Division of Motor Vehicles)
  • Wisconsin: WI - www.dot.wisconsin.gov (Department of Transportation)
  • Wyoming: WY - www.natronacounty-wy.gov/index.aspx?nid=100

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